Davinci Capital announced an investment in Vetcor Launch

Published: 28/June/2016

In June 2016 Davinci Capital announced an investment in Vetcor Launch Inc., Vector´s purpose is to habilitate satellite technology to regular people through disruptive innovation on microsatellite launching.

For several years, Vector has been quietly developing a launch vehicle specifically designed for Micro Satellites weighing less than 50 kg. This is the only launch system dedicated to micro spacecraft and will allow you to launch your satellite when you want and to where you want. Today, all micro satellites are launched as Rideshare payloads and cannot choose either the time of launch nor the destination. Worse, satellites flying as Rideshare Payloads are often forced to wait 2-3 years for a bus ride to space and have a limited choice of destinations. Vector will free you, the Space App Developer, to do what you do best .... innovate and build.

Vectors´ mayor asset is its team, it´s formed by highly experimented people in the aerospace industry. The team has + 60 years of experience on aerospace the top management had worked on projects for institutions such as NASA, SpaceX, Skybox, Startspace, AFRL, DARPA and many other recognized companies.

The opportunity is too big, today we don´t know how this new technology may change the industry for ever; more important, we don´t know the impact it will have in other industries. We like to compare it like when computers were born, they were too big and very few people had access to them, today we cannot conceive the world without computers.

Gustavo Tome, Founder and President of Davinci Capital will hold a position in the Board, this will promote the development of the company, complementing the aerospace knowledge of the management team with the financial and business knowledge Gustavo has proven in over twenty years of investing an Ventura Capital and Private Equity. 

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