Galt Energy concludes funding, seeks to grow nationally

Published: 09/September/2016

MONTERREY, N.L.: Galt Energy, the leading solar company in northern Mexico for residential and small commercial consumers, concluded an investment round that will take its competitive offering to a national scale. The round was led by a New York-based investment group specialized in private equity, specifically in the renewable energy sector. Other investors participated in the round, such as Asenza Capital, a Monterrey-based family office.

In only three years, Galt Energy has become an industry front-runner thanks to its professional product offer, differentiated by quality and innovative payment terms.

As a result, Galt Energy now holds the highest market share in its founding city, Monterrey. The company seeks to grow further by offering its services in the cities of Mexico, Cancún, Querétaro, and La Paz, as well as expanding its presence in the Bajío area. With this geographic expansion, Galt Energy expects to secure its place as the national leader in residential and small commercial solar within two years.

“Our mission is to bring solar energy to as many users as possible. Thanks to our unique payment offer, we currently have a potential market 30 to 40 times larger compared to what the competition is after” said José Hernán Zambrano, Galt Energy’s CEO and Co-founder.

“We have a winning value proposition that is highly beneficial to our clients, our environment, and our investors. This capital raise will allow us to bring our products and services to the millions of Mexican homes and businesses that pay an excessive amount for their electricity.”

A spokesman for the investors stated: “We are excited to join Galt Energy’s team in order to bring unlimited energy to Mexican homes and businesses. We expect to contribute our knowledge and experience to the team of entrepreneurs that have led Galt Energy to the success it currently has. We trust that the team’s leadership, along with our investment and involvement, will help Galt Energy become the reference point for the Mexican solar industry.”