Soldiers Field Angels I fund (SFA) exits its investment in Now New Media

Published: 27/September/2017

Mexico City, September 19 2017.- Soldiers Field Angels I fund (SFA) exits its investment in Now New Media.  This transaction constitutes a very successful exit for SFA.  SFA originally invested in Now New Media in 2013 as the sole institutional investor with a minority stake to fuel the company with growth capital without affecting its editorial autonomy.  On September 19th the company’s majority stake was acquired by SDP noticias.

Now New Media is a Mexico City based media company which reaches more than 90 million users a month with its group of media brands, including eldeforma, repsodia and techcult, delivering original and unique entertainment. 

SDP noticias is the most read Mexican digital newspaper.

Soldiers Field Angels is a Venture Capital fund which seeks to fuel growth via smart investment of Harvard Business School alumni in Mexico.  The fund seeks high impact investment in initial rounds.  SFA´s mentorship network capitalizes years of experience and leadership which are applied to the investment portafolio, a true diferentiator in the private equity industry in Mexico.