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LP Profile - PineBridge Mexico

AMEXCAP interviewed Alejandro Rodriguez, Director of PineBridge Investments Mexico to learn more of their investing perspective. Alejandro shares that “ PineBridge believes Mexico has evolved the most amongst Latin American peer countries. Based on the research, there has been significant growth in institutional quality managers since the late 1990’s. The firm grew from tracking about 30 managers with a full or partial allocation to Mexico in 2008, to more than 70 today. 

Mexico´s pension system

Mexico´s pension system: a growing funding source for long term and productive projects. Carlos Ramírez Fuentes presentation in Mexico PE Day,  NY, May 16, 2013.

Seminario CKDs


Presentación de la CONSAR en Seminario sobre CKD´s en abril de 2012.

Régimen de Inversión de las Afores: Evolución y Perspectivas


Presentación de Tonatiuh Rodríguez, Director General de Afore XXI en el XI Seminario de Inversiones AMAFORE.