Private Equity Firms

The Mexican Association of PE and VC Funds, AMEXCAP gives its members an important platform to link them with all players in the industry - institutional investors, fund managers and private equity firms, government institutions, entrepreneurs - all this through events organized by the Association and through the initiatives of each Committee.

AMEXCAP provides benefits ranging from: access to information about the Private Equity industry, linkage with LPs, preferential prices to participate in events organized by AMEXCAP and other events organized by our strategic allies. Read more about the benefits.

Our website is a tool to communicate with our members. It is structured in 7 sections, with both public and private content for all our members.


In the: “About AMEXCAP” section you’ll find the Association’s objectives, details about our Board of Directors, the Committees’ structure, as well as information about AMEXCAP’s Executive Team. Read more


The Members section contains the benefits of our membership, a directory containing details of private equity firms, institutional investors members of AMEXCAP and advisory firms specialized in private equity.

In the public section of AMEXCAP’s website, there is a list of our Associates, classified according to their investment focus. In the private section there is a more detailed profile of each firm, according to the information each firm provides to the Association. This section is a promotional tool of the firms, which is viewed by investors who visit the site and the investors contacted by the Association. You’ll also find affiliated advisory firms with a brief description of their services and contact details. Directory


In this section we publish relevant news of the private equity industry in Mexico and global news. News


The newsletter is an exclusive service for our members, so in this section we collected a historical archive of newsletters from 2012 up to 2013, available only for members.

Research and Report

Here you will find reports, research studies and statistics related to private equity both domestically and globally, as well as presentations about the industry.

Most reports, research studies and statistics are only available for members privately; however other documents of general interest are uploaded for all public because they’re aimed to promote the industry.

Events and education

In this section, we inform about Private Equity events, arranged by AMEXCAP to encourage the links between industry players and we also promote events organized by other institutions. You can also view the private equity courses and programs that are taught by AMEXCAP’s allied institutions.


This section is devoted to raising awareness about private equity and providing tools that are useful for those who are interested in PE. Additionally you’ll know about the institutions that play an important role in the industry, in the section: “Institutions of Interest”.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact AMEXCAP: Read more.

Academic institutions are an important ally for the Association. We have worked with several institutions to create educational programs with Private Equity topics, both for fund managers and also for business owners and entrepreneurs. Private equity courses and programs.